I love bringing people together. Here are some events I've organized.


October 2015 // The third annual Media Rise Festival brought together more than 700 attendees at 10 venues across Washington, D.C. to hear 40 speakers share ideas on the power of storytelling, art and design to make the world a better place. As the co-founder, I oversee the overall vision and strategy for Media Rise, which also organizes city meetups and other special projects to promote meaningful media.

99U Local.

September 2015 // I was selected as an ambassador to lead the 99U Local talk series. I organized 1 of 28 events worldwide. The evening program included three short talks offering practical creative career and business advice from exceptional Washington, D.C. locals who make ideas happen.


October 2014 // For the first time, the five-day, 75-person StartingBloc Institute, a social innovation fellowship, was hosted in Washington, D.C. As the Institute Coordinator, I was responsible for coordinating all event logistics, including venues, audio-visual support, lodging for fellows and food/drink catering. Simultaneously, I managed logistics for the inaugural ReUP, a weekend for returning StartingBloc fellows and alumni to re-connect. 


Since November 2011, I have organized free or low-cost community events--from film screenings to pop-up marketplaces--in Washington, D.C. and New York City to showcase how storytelling and design can be used as a force for social good. The Benevolent Media Festival, first organized in 2011 and 2012, has since evolved into the Media Rise Festival.

Sumi Ink Club.

On a monthly basis, I organize off-site educational, cultural and team-building events with my Huge co-workers, as a much-needed creative break from our desks and computers. One of the events I hosted for our design team was Sumi Ink Club, a participatory drawing project originally established in 2005 by Los Angeles-based artists Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck. It was fun to bring the concept to our own hometown, in the courtyard of Maketto, a restaurant and retail store on H Street.