I'm here to help.

Sometimes, I take on freelance work. I especially like supporting projects for social good. But in general, I like helping cool people create cool stuff.

What do you need?

I can strategize about...

  • your vision, objectives, messaging, tactics and tools

  • branding, marketing and communications

  • community outreach and engagement

I can write...

  • social media and website copy

  • press releases and media advisories

  • editorial and style guidelines

  • blog posts and articles

  • creative briefs, pitches and proposals

I can make connections for...

  • business development

  • online influencers

  • sponsorships and partnerships

  • stakeholder interviews and research

I can facilitate and curate...

  • conference and festival programming

  • panel discussions and workshops

  • galleries and exhibits

I can plan logistics for...

  • events and conferences

  • pitch nights

  • speaker series

I can promote...

  • new brands and campaigns

  • emerging entrepreneurs

  • artists and creatives

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